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BENTSAI B85 Mesin Pencetak Inkjet Format Luas - Pencetak Aksara Besar untuk Pengekodan dan Penandaan


SKU: B85 / B85E

Ink Type:: Fast dry Solvent ink

Printing Height: 2.5-100mm /0.98"-3.93" (Support 1 to 40 Lines of Printing)

Picture Support Format: PNG, JPEG, BMP

Special Feature: Text, code, date edit and printing; Group print; Files input and out put

External Source Interface: Optical Interface, USB Interface, Power Interface

Operating System: Linux

Working Environment: Temperature 0-45℃(20-30℃ best), Humidity 10%-80%

Printer Ink Cartridge Color / Capacity: EB22B-L(Black) EB22C(Cyan) EB22M(Magenta) EB22Y(Yellow) EB22G(Green)

Printer Ink Cartridge Color / Capacity: Black / 42ml

Printing Precision: Standard 300DPI

Voltage: input AV100-245V Output: DC9V/5A

Printing Font: High definition print font / dot matrix font (can import other via USB)

Printing speed: 30m/min (continuous printing)

Spray height: 100mm

Printing distance: 2-5mm

Control panel: Intelligent 5" touch screen

Printing row number: 1-40 lines adjustable Printing distance 2-5mm

Printing content: Text, number, symbol, picture, time, date, variable counter, variable QR code (QR code, DM code), variable barcode, variable text, etc

Printing material: Porous and semi-Surfaces such as Board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, fiber board, steel keel, aluminum foil and much more.

Picture Voltage: Input AV100-245V output: DC9V/5A

External interface: USB

Conveyor Auto Coding: Yes

BENTSAI B85 Wide Format Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer





  •  BIG CHARACTERS WIDE WIDTH INKJET PRINTER: With innovative design, the Bentsai B85 printer can print customizes heights range from 10 to 100mm, up to 40 lines. The flexible print-heads can be inserted individually or spliced together.

  • Applicable Industry with variety contents:The BENTSAI B85 wide format handheld printer can widely use in carton, package services, building materials, pipe industry, production, trade, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, construction works and much more. Print on a variety of contents, including Text, number, symbol, picture, real time, date, variable counter, variable QR code (QR code, DM code), variable barcode, variable text, etc.

  • Combinable Ink Feature: The BENTSAI B85 wide format handheld inkjet printer provides multiple color print with choice of black, red, yellow, blue, invisible inks and multi-color combinations. Each color work independently with individually ink slot. Each fast solvent ink cartridge contains 42ml, performs high fluidity, and quality prints. Comes with well integrated cover cap to protect the cartridge when it is not in use.

  • TOUCH SCREEN & VARIOUS LABGUAGE SYSTEM: The 5-inch Full HD touch-screen display gives simplified and enhanced operation, while the USB and Type-C ports let you connect to portable devices and insert the file you need to print. Support 17 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian and Turkish)

  • Work on assemble line performs QUICK AND ACCURATE: B85 comes with a position plate that helps the inkjet printer quick and accurate printing on the object. The 300DPI print resolution with 10m/min print speed allows detailed graphics, high-density barcodes and small text to be clearly printed. With electronic eye you would get it work on assemble line to make your production more productive.

  • Quality Assurance: The BENTSAI B85 handheld wide format inkjet printer has applied for more than 50 patents and has passed various international certification (CE、ROHS、FCC、KC、IEC). We support 1 year quality assurance and free lifetime consulting service

  • Warm Reminder: For best print performance, please always take the cartridge out of the printer and then cover the cartridge with its plastic cap when the printer is not in use for more than 10 minutes. This is to prevent the ink from being try and block the ink nozzle.

Wide format portable printer

Print Characters Up To 100mm In Height

Designed with innovation, the Bentsai B85 wide format handheld inkjet printer can effortlessly print custom character heights ranging from 10 to 100 mm. It also offers support for multi-line printing with a capacity of up to 40 lines. The printer features four stitched print heads that can be used together for seamless stitch printing, or each cartridge can be independently used for printing.

Coding and marking handheld printer

Versatile Print Capabilities

The Bentsai B85 inkjet coding printer is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of industries, offering the ability to print various types of content. It is widely applicable for coding and marking in industries such as packaging, building materials, plumbing, production, trade, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, construction engineering, and more. Users have the flexibility to print a diverse range of content, including text, numbers, symbols, pictures, real-time data, date, variable counters, variable codes (QR codes, DM codes, barcodes), variable text, and more.

4 inches 100mm inkjet printer

Multi-Color Stitch Printing

Experience the versatility of multi-color, stitched printing with the Bentsai B85 inkjet printer. Choose from a range of colors including black, red, yellow, blue, green, and even invisible ink. This printer supports both single-color and multi-color stitch printing. Each cartridge is specifically designed for individual colors, containing 42 ml of ink, ensuring high resolution and exceptional print quality .

Wide format portable printer

Simple And Intuitive Operation

Effortlessly navigate through your printing tasks with the user-friendly touch screen interface of the Bentsai B85 portable inkjet printer. The 5-inch full HD touch screen provides a clear and intuitive display for seamless operation. With USB connectivity, you can easily connect to other devices and import your documents for printing. 

Coding and marking handheld printer

Optional Manual And Inline Coding

Equip yourself with the enhanced coding capabilities of the Bentsai B85 inkjet printer. For manual coding, use the positioning plate for faster and accurate coding on objects. Moreover, by utilizing the included electronic eyes (photo electrical sensor), you can seamlessly integrate it into your conveyor assembly line, thereby optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Product Specifications
Product Model B80(water based ink cartridge only)       B85( Both water based and solvent based cartridges applicable)
Printing Technology Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
Ink Throw Distance 2-5mm(Distance between nozzle plate and print object)
Print Height 2.5mm-92mm (1-40 lines)
Optional Ink Cartridges

Water based (42ml*4): Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow

Solvent Based (42ml*4): Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,White, Green

Operation System Linux based
System Language

Chinese / English / German / Arabic / Spanish / Russian / Japanese / Korean / Italian / Portuguese / French / Hindi / Thai / Vietnamese / Persian / Turkish / Chinese Traditional / Indonesian / Slovenian / Serbo-Croatian / Czech / Bulgarian / Romanian / Polish / Greek / Hungarian / Ukrainian / Slovak / Burmese (Avaialbe languages vary for different regions)

Display 5" High Definition Touch Screen
Status Alarm Green: Ready  Blue: Printing   Red: Alarm
Print Applications Text, Numbers, Images, Logos, 2D codes, Barcodes, Dates, Counter, Database etc.
Printabel Material

Water based ink for porous and semi porous substrates: Paper / Corrugrated box / Wooden / Fiberboard / Cotton etc.

Solvent based ink for semi porous and non porous substrates: Plastic / Glass / Metal plates / Alu-foils / Cables et.

2D code Type Code128, Code39, EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, ITF(2of5)
Barcode Type DataMatrix, QR
Font Type True type fonts, Dotmatrix fonts
Resolution 300dpi
Print Speed 15m/min
Grey level 1-10 
Max. Print Size 92mm*2100mm
Max. Pixel Size Standard 566px*12800px(Max1000px*12800px)
External Ports USB-A,USB-C, Power adapter, Photoelectric Sensor, Encoder, Beacon
Battery 6000mAh
Standby Time ≥8 hours (working when screen off)
Power Adapter IN: AC100-240V   OUT: DC9V  5A
Working Environment

Equipment Storage Temperature: -20℃-55℃

Working Temperature: 5℃-35℃ ( Best: 15℃-35℃)


Memory Size 4 Gigabytes
Net Weight 1.24kg
Packaging Weight 3.96kg
Product Dimension 239*182*117mm
Packaging Dimension 377*177*239mm
Conveyor Coding Supported B80 / B85

Package Details

Internal Storage: 8GB
Item Size: 239x182x117mm / 9.4"x7.2"x4.6" wo
Package Weight: Approx. 1.25kg / 44.10z (Included battery)
Battery capacity: 6000mAh
Packing List:
- Wide format handheld inkjet printer 1pcs with protective case
- Ink Cartridge 4pcs black ink cartridge (4*42ml)
- 2 set of HFE-2000 black refill ink kit (8*28ml)
- Adapter 1pcs
- Positioning Bracket 1pcs
- Qualified Certificate 1pcs
- Production Instruction Manual 1pcs
- Power Cable 1pcs

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