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About Us


PTS TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD which was previously known as Pac Tech Services started the recharging business as a sole proprietor back in 1998. We started off in a very small scale by importing small quantity of raw materials, repackaging into smaller units and distribute them to our customers. During the infancy period our team had very limited resources and information as far as market trends and demands are concerned. Internet is not like now and not widely used. We were constantly having difficulties in the technical department due to our lack of experience and because of this our team was unable to fulfil all the needs and demands of our customers.

In order to achieve and rectify this void of ours we decided to incorporate our company to PTS TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD in 2002. By doing so we were able to engage the best professionals in this business of ours to join our company and work towards our mission. Two years later our business grew and our products were widely accepted in the domestic market. We also know that the reputation of a company is essential to its survival. We valued the trust and confidence of our customers and to maintain this we increase our workforce to provide them our best after-sales service and support.

In 2004, we see that there is a need to expand further and we also need to increase our market share. Subsequently a subsidiary named PTS Sales and Service Sdn Bhd was set up to cater to the copier market. Initially we were selling original and compatible toners and later on we developed into complete finished products for the market. We also ventured into providing copiers’ spare parts.

For the last 10 years we have been expanding our business venturing into leasing printers, Bentsai handheld inkjet printer, contactless access card, original inkjet cartridge, toner cartridge, and recycling inkjet cartridges. Our business began to flourish and we moved on to the present bigger premises where we are today. Currently we have 4 companies here in Malaysia. On top of the two which have been mentioned we have Brandsonic in Penang which supply all printing solutions for the Northern region and Megain which is our online business. We also have partners and factories in China.

As for future plans, we are now in the midst of exploring new ways to increase market shares, diversify to target other markets in the Asia, Middle East, and Europe regions.

We provide all printing solutions to enhance the business of our customers for them to achieve their desired results.

To become Malaysia’s preferred supplier company for all original and compatible copiers, toners, inkjets, and cartridges.